Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Facebook sucks

I am about to tell you folx about the most RIDICULOUS story of Facebook censorship you have ever heard of.

I joined Facebook years ago. All was well until 2011 when there was an uptick in hate groups that brought hate to millions. The first was a racist anti-Obama group, the second was the group "Make Drug Testing Mandatory for Welfare" which was also full of memes, racism, and...illogic I guess?? (The word is pronounced MEEM not MEMAY!!)

I'm not an activist type I guess?? I'm very liberal but not "marching in the streets" liberal?? I went to the Women's March and Anti-Trump March...not much else. I DID lose out on work/certifications BEFORE this happened because of my politics (gee thanks Governor Ernie) and had a lot of shit thrown my way BEFORE that even. I'm used to it. The "Make Drug Testing" group was another animal.

I have minor experience in retail. I still knew A LOT of people who worked retail (I bought snacks/candy and food in bulk). Because I worked in retail, I know what you can buy with EBT/food stamps and what you cannot buy. You can buy PRE-PACKAGED food ONLY. You CANNOT buy chewing gum with foodstamps. The "Make Drug Testing" group LIED when they said you could buy chewing gum!! I called them on the royal carpet about their hoax.

Ann (me): "Do you even know what gum is??"

You CANNOT buy non-food merchandise with foodstamps. No toilet paper, paper towels, no foil. NO hot foods. When the group said you could buy hot fried chicken with a EBT card, they LIED.

I posted my feelings and beliefs, and right away I got a PM from an older lady in Missouri threatening me with physical harm. I also got a PM message threatening me because I have a last name that's..."ethnic??" A man-child (who is local to me) saw my city in my profile and started attacking my city in a set of public postings. He said everyone who "liked" my posts was a "sock-puppet" or alias. I took down my profile picture and replaced it with April Tuna, and they attacked April Tuna.

Ann: "Think"

That was my last post...before Facebook yanked my account.

In NO WAY did I violate Facebook Terms of Service. THEY did. I DID NOT. Facebook STRICTLY PROHIBITS hate groups and hate speech. THEY did not follow the rules but THEY were NOT kicked off Facebook!!

To Be Continued...


  1. Facebook is busted

  2. When you tried logging into Facepoo, did you get any message saying why your account was disabled?

    1. They gave me a standard screen for why it "might" have been disabled.. No specific reason..

      And none of the reasons were even valid in my case..

      I have never been so angry..

    2. Why that would mean Facebook lied