Thursday, August 10, 2017

Republican Jesus church taking over Park Hills!!

Ooh..had to share this story about how Park Hills (that is a city in Northern Kentucky if you are from out of state) is becoming a victim of HATE at the hands of a "traditional Catholic" congregation.

This is a congregation that preaches against the LGBT community and Neo-Pagans, but the congregation claims to be a victim of persecution. Now that is rich. Now the congregation is taking over Park Hills city government!!

I also bet they don't even know what "Neo-Pagan" means?? A lot of Republican Jesus types throw that word around but I don't think they even know what it MEANS!!

One caveat: Every town has Republican Jesus churches (which are different from normal churches). Park Hills isn't alone.

I also lived in Southgate when they had the "pilgrims" coming to Cold Spring, so Park Hills needs to brace itself for the traffic jams, etc.

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  1. This is like when the Bhagwan took over that town in Oregon.